Friday, April 18, 2014

The Dark Deliciousness of Working with Editors by CAROL OATES

I am an Irish author mainly writing to a US audience so I’m conscious of using US English. I’m told sometimes my Irishisms can be confusing in everyday use. I do have critique readers who will point out when I go wrong, but words still slip through.
Editing Shades of Avalon brought up a challenge.  The action in the sequel to Shades of Atlantis starts in Maine, America moving to locations in North and South England, and then onto Ireland. There are several British and US Characters from different times and a US publisher published the book.
All these elements meant finding an acceptable balance for my publisher’s tight editing standard, while maintaining what I felt was an authentic voice for each character. I was fortunate to have very understanding editors and we ended up having long discussions over single words or phrases, usually followed by compromise.  We had to consider if they really needed to be there or if there was a way around.
I had an added benefit. One of the team is an American living in England and I was able to pick her brain when I really needed to.
Shades of Avalon was released on April 15, 2014.
Ben Pryor grew up as an average kid in Camden, Maine, unaware of the supernatural storm brewing in his Celtic blood. However, at nineteen, as the last born in the royal line of the beings that once ruled Atlantis, Ben has eagerly embraced his newfound abilities and birthright.

When Caleb, his sister’s mate, goes missing under suspicious circumstances, the prime suspect is the last remaining member of the overthrown corrupt Guardian Council.

With the discovery that an old acquaintance has been keeping secrets and the future Ben was so sure of shifting before his eyes, the situation becomes more complicated, the ransom for Caleb too high.

In the sequel to Shades of Atlantis, Ben will delve deeper than he ever imagined into the magical old ways of the Guardians, the secrets of Excalibur, and the truth behind the legend of King Arthur.
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