Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tip of the Day: Getting Over Writer’s Block by Kate Evangelista

Not knowing what to write doesn’t come from a lack of ideas. As writers, I find that the biggest obstacle we all face is self-doubt. Those voices inside our heads that tell us we’re not good enough or that what we’re writing is full of crap can be crippling. When we allow the voice to take over is when writer’s block strikes.

I usually struggle with writer’s block when I haven’t written in a while. A good example is when I took a good two weeks off from writing. I know, right? Insane when you’re writing two thousand words a day for six months. When it came time to start writing again, I found my mind as blank as the page sitting in front of me.

Based on experience, I have a go to solution. A two-pronged approach, if you will.

When faced with writer’s block you should first take a walk, like literally. Preferably somewhere with nature. A park is good. Or even tree-lined streets. There’s something so freeing about being under the great expanse of the true, blue sky. Makes you think of the possibilities. Endless, endless possibilities. Let the endorphins of being outside help you push away your self-doubt. I usually go in the evenings so I can look up at the stars. Fifteen to thirty minutes would do. Count it as your exercise for the day.

Afterwards, I take a shower. Not only for the purposes of washing away all the sweat you’ve worked up walking. There’s something about having running water fall over your body that opens up the mind. The shower is a place where you are at your most vulnerable, but at the same time it’s a space where there’s nothing between you and your thoughts. Not the self-doubt, of course. Think about your story. What you would want to write. I find that I come up with my best ideas in the shower. If there’s a certain scene you enjoyed reading in one of my books, chances are I wrote it while in the shower.

There are many ways to deal with writer’s block. Some writers advice just pushing through like when you feel a cramp during a run, just keep going and it will go away. Others say run errands, take a break—get your mind off what you’re writing. These are all good methods that I have also used. So, with this post, consider yourself having not one but three ways of getting over the dreaded block.

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  1. Taking a walk to clear my mind helps me with writer's block, too. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Right? It's the sense of being outdoors that really helps.