Thursday, August 7, 2014

Darkly Delicious Detail about Dorothy Dreyer

The Reaper’s Rite series is a young adult paranormal series with a horror bent. Knowing this, you’d probably guess that I’m one of those full-on horror movie fangirls who gets a kick out of jump scares and screaming teenagers being chased by guys in hockey masks. Well, the truth is this: I hate horror movies!

Okay, hate is a pretty strong word. I don’t hate them. And I do admit that watching a few scary movies with my hubby (who loves the horror genre), I have been enlightened with a few ideas for both stories and characters. And to tell you the truth, watching scary movies has helped me out with my writing, especially when I’ve needed to convey a really spooky tone.

That said, there are some movies that will always frighten me, even though I’ve seen them more than once. To the point I sit huddled up under a blanket, peeking through my fingers and whimpering like a toddler. Like The Exorcists. Probably the first scary movie I ever saw and the one I’m most frightened of. I mean, talk about creepy! *shudders*

Are you a horror movie fan? What’s your favorite one? And if you’re not a fan, what is the one movie that will forever give you nightmares?


  1. I don't like horror movies, but I LOVE scary ones! Love the tension without the gore.

  2. While I'm a big fan of vampires and monsters, I'm not a fan of horror. I can see how watching them would help with writing.