Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top 5 Holiday Secrets by Heather L Reid

Today's top five is brought to you by Heather L. Reid, author of Dark Pretty Nothing. For more information on Heather and her books, click here.

Favorite Holiday Drink: Hot Dark Mint Chocolate with a splash of Baileys Irish Crème. Yum!

Favorite Holiday Movie: I have to say I love both Elf and A Christmas Story for two similar reasons. The writing is so clever that the jokes never get old. Who wouldn’t love Will Ferrell as the world’s largest elf, right? And watching Ralphie have to walk down those stairs in that bunny suit, and the leg lamp, and the, ‘you’ll shoot your eye out, kid.’ Guess what I’ll be watching tonight.

Why I Love the Holidays: This time of year will always hold a special place in my heart. Seven years ago, on Christmas Eve, I flew to Scotland to meet my husband in person for the very first time. After over a year of talking on the phone, skype chats, and online gaming, (we met playing Star Wars Galaxies online) we would finally be in the same country, in fact, the same room! To walk off that plane and into the arms of the love of my life will be a moment I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Seven years later, we both equate the Holidays with love and joy.   

Favorite Holiday Tradition: My husband and have a tradition of buying each other one Star Wars gift each year in memory of how we met. We also use our game avatar names on the tags. It’s as if our characters, the first way in which we fell in love, are giving each other gifts.

Worst Holiday Treat: I can’t stand eggnog. Yuk!!!



  1. What a wonderful story on how you met your husband. =) Your favorite drink sounds delicious and rich, and I agree with you on the eggnog. Every now and then I try it thinking maybe I'll change my mind. I haven't.

  2. Aw! I love the story about you and your husband. So sweet!

  3. Your story of how you and your hubby met and fell in love is so sweet and geeky. <3

  4. The geek in me just freaked out over your Star Wars gifts! :) Love that story!

  5. Hot Dark Mint Chocolate with a splash of Baileys Irish Crème. Yum! <-- I second this.

  6. Love the story of how you met your hubby for the first time! Happy New Year, Heather!