Wednesday, July 9, 2014

An Intriguing Excerpt from My Tethered Soul by Dorothy Dreyer

The second book in the Reaper’s Rite series releases in just over a month. I don’t know if you’re as excited as I am, but I thought I’d share an excerpt that I hope intrigues you.


I quickly found the girls’ bathroom and pushed the door open, glad that the school staff was considerate enough to keep this light on.


I bent down to peek under the stall doors, but didn’t see any feet. Maybe she ran into someone and had to stop and chat. I was sure she would be along soon, so I checked my hair.

I tucked a stray hair back in place, humming the song that Gavin and I had danced to. Like a soft breeze, a whisper caught my ear.

“Hello?” I turned toward the stalls. Had I missed someone’s feet? I bent down, but saw nothing. “Is … someone in here?”

I took a few steps forward, the sound of my heels on the tile floor echoing in my ears. I was probably just imagining the whisper. After all, I’d just gone from the loud gym to the quiet bathroom. My ears were simply adjusting to the noise variance. Weren’t they?

But I had to check. I couldn’t let it go. Rubbing my sweaty hands on my dress, I licked my lips, trying to muster up some moisture in my otherwise dry mouth. Holding my breath, I put my hand on the first stall door.

“Hello?” I called once more, just to be sure. It wouldn’t be out of the question that a student had passed out drunk in there after indulging in too much spiked punch. At least, that’s what I was trying to convince myself.

When no one answered, I shoved at the stall door. It banged against the inside wall and ricocheted back at me. But the stall was empty. I peered at the remaining stall doors: there were four more. Swallowing back the grit in my throat, I went to the next door. Was I really doing this? There had to be an easier, quicker way.

Of course there was.

I took two steps back and concentrated on the remaining doors. Focusing on the air in the room—as stale as it was—I pushed my energy toward the doors, willing the air to drive them open. My body buzzed with magic, and suddenly a wind swept through the space. All doors flew open at once.


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  1. So can't wait to get my hands on your second book!!! Sounds awesome! And where your first book stands on my bookshelf, just so you know, there's room for many more! So keep going!