Monday, January 27, 2014

Hermione Granger: Seven Years of Deep Dark Secrets by Monica Ropal

Hermione, in all seven books of the Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling, remains one of my most favorite characters and part of one of my most favorite romances—Ron and Hermione—impressive considering that neither is the main character. All that we know of Ron and Hermione we learn through the eyes of Harry, either overtly understood, or observed and dismissed, leaving the reader to interpret.

Poor Hermione! Best friend to two boys and alienated by most of the Hogwarts population, there seems to be a lot that Hermione either blatantly lies about, or withholds, choosing to deal with on her own. I can hardly blame her. Some of her lies are to protect or help her friends or to gain a personal win, but many, I think, are to protect herself.

Below is a list of such lies or omissions by book. See if you can come up with more!

Book ONE: Hermione starts her string of deceits with a lie about a Troll.

Book TWO: Lies to the Nurse about the appropriate size of her teeth during a shrinking spell

Book THREE: Withhold info regarding Prof. Lupin. And then the whole Time Turner Fiasco. Poor Ron. I don’t think he still knows what happened that year.

Book FOUR: The whole International Quidditch Star thing. This is where we see Harry avoiding to sully his hands with anything having to do with Hermione and her personal life. He avoids asking, and she avoids telling.  Also hold back that she is holding reporter-turned-beetle hostage! And blackmailing her into silence. I mean she deserved it, but . . .

Book FIVE: Hermione is co-leader of a secret band of misfits. In retrospect there is holding back all through the book about her feelings for Ron. Just for Good Luck kiss? Really?

Book SIX:  Interferes with Keeper Tryouts then, despite the emotionally moving scene in the movie version, in the book doesn’t say a single word out loud to Harry about how she feels when Ron makes out with Lav in front of the whole common room.

Book SEVEN: Where do I start? By now the trio are bandits on the run. Again with the not divulging feelings involving Ron, and she puts a major memory charm on her parents. Which makes one wonder: Has she done it before? What parents would send her back after the danger that befalls the students each and every year she’s been there?  I mean, I would imagine Dumbledore would have to be writing a letter home each year. “It is my duty to inform you that your daughter Hermione sustained life threatening injuries AGAIN this year at Hogwarts . . . ”

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  2. I just started reading the first book to my daughter last night and I'm so psyched to be spending time again with all these characters, who I just know and love so much...Perfect excuse to do all seven books...yet...again...Love this post on the darker side of Hermione; even so, she's such a cool role model for girls. SMART+ASS-KICKING=AWESOME

    1. Thanks a lot! I'm reading the books to my kids as well! I love jumping back into that world. Hermione is awesome.

  3. The HP books are so much fun to read and Hermione is one of my favorite characters. I love this look into her darker side!

  4. Hermione is a great character. Got to love a strong female character who is smart too.