Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Did Something That Dark Come from Her? A Secret Confession from L.V. Pires

Hello, my name is L.V. Pires and I have a secret.  Starting in 2014, a new technology called Revitalization will be introduced and experiments will begin on several patients, including Patient #10, Oliver Conroy.  

The technology will allow people who had been cryogenically frozen for years, and in some cases, decades, to be brought back to life. 

This is a great thing, right?  Imagine the possibilities—no more death—a second chance to live the life you always wanted—no more having to say goodbye to loved ones.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Well, maybe Colby Patterson.

Colby Patterson is my dark secret, a certified psychopath, a teenage boy who has lost what some might say is most important—his soul.  No one told Colby Patterson that in order for the Revitalization process to work, it would require a reborn soul. 

No one told him that his soul would be extracted and given to Patient #10.

Isn’t there always a price to be paid for immortality?  Is the price of getting a second chance at life, worth taking from those who are already living? 

Roaming the streets, our towns, schools, and shopping centers will soon be, if not already, psychopaths accidentally created by the Revitalization process—a by-product of greatness. 

Their dark cores are my darkest secret.  Shells of what was once human—twisted, maniacal and self-centered—out for destruction, determined to kill, kill, kill.

But, I should stop.  It’s much too dark to confess any more.  Perhaps, I’ve said too much.

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