Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dishing secrets about the Cover to Embrace & Hold Tight by Cherie Colyer

I wrote Embrace to be a standalone novel, so the cover designer and I weren’t thinking about a second book or its cover when the one for Embrace was designed. 

I  have to admit I fell in love with the image (left) used for Embrace's original cover. I thought the girl looking at something just out of view reflected the mystery of what Madison Riley discovers in the book was perfect.

Then the most wonderful thing happened. Readers asked if there’d be a sequel. They wanted more of Madison and her friends. My creative wheels started turning and several months later Hold Tight was born. My publicist and I started to talk about covers options, and together we decided to give Embrace a new look. I was geeked. 

I got to see some of the designs that were considered, and I was thrilled when I saw the final cover. I really like this cover and love the change.

The cover for Hold Tight came next. What was cool about this cover is I saw it while I was working on edits. When I saw that the girl on the cover art had low lights I tweak one of the scenes to include a comment about her new hair cut. The small changes included a comment that turned out to be a perfect tie in to something that happens later in the book. It’s always great when things work out like that. 

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  1. I love all your covers - both the old and the revamped! Lucky you!

  2. Your covers are all beautiful. I love that you revamped to make the books have similar cover features though. Very smart. :)