Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dishing Secrets About My Sister's Reaper's Cover by Dorothy Dreyer

The cover of MY SISTER’S REAPER was designed by a fabulous digital graphic artist and photographer from Denmark named Mette Breth Klausen. She does awesome work and you should really check out her website and Facebook page.

The original artwork had a ghostly figure of a girl standing on the stairs, almost zombie-like. She appeared to be dripping – whether it was water or something else was left to the imagination. She could have resembled Mara, the protagonist’s sister, who isn't quite the same when she is woken from the dead.

But essentially this figure was replaced by the image of Zadie at the foot of the stairs, looking over her shoulder with an expression of fear. Mette embellished Zadie’s hair, which I love, and added texture, contrast, and color to the scene. She finished it off with a gruesome dollop of blood splatter, which was different in the first version.

I have to say I really love what Mette did. The cover captures the feel of the book perfectly. I can’t wait to see how the cover to the sequel looks!

To read more about Dorothy Dreyer and her book, My Sister's Reaper, click here. 


  1. Both covers are amazing. I do like the final cover, the color makes it pop.

  2. It is really cool to see the differences between the two! Thanks for sharing the details.

  3. Both covers are so different yet similar. I thrive on hearing behind-the-scenes posts like these. And I can't wait to see the cover for book two. :)

  4. So cool to see how the cover changed. I really like both, to be honest. :)