Wednesday, January 8, 2014

One Dark Secret About Margo Kelly

Cue Google search.

Come on … I know you’ve typed your name into that little search box before, but have you ever added “one dark secret” to the search? Or worse yet, add the word “pictures” to the search. YIKES.


According to Google, Margo Kelly’s one dark secret is: she was one of the women who appeared in SCARFACE as a “woman at the Babylon Club.” Hmm. That has plotline potential, but I wonder what she looked like. (Because that wasn’t me.) Surely she’s gorgeous. Right?

Here’s the picture that came up with the search:
(Photo credit: )

I kid you not.

And Google brought up links for various book reviews on Goodreads that I’ve actually written (not some other Margo Kelly). How is that a dark secret? Maybe because I gave an honest review?

ESCAPE FROM EDEN was a dark book with lots of secrets, and I highly recommend it, but that doesn’t reveal anything new about me.

So … I’m not an extra from the movie SCARFACE. I do write honest reviews on Goodreads, but can you really handle a dark secret about me?

Cue drumroll.

When I was a teenager, I took a university math placement test for someone else.

*bows head in shame*

But it was fun.
It was. 

At the time, I worked at a hotel, and a fellow coworker was stressed about taking a placement test at the local university. I didn’t get what the big deal was. It was just a placement test to figure out what math class she should be in, but she didn’t want to have to take the lower math classes. So she offered me money. We both arrived on test taking day. Showed our id’s … but then when I filled out my test form, I wrote her name at the top of the test and she wrote mine at the top of her test. I didn’t care, because I wasn’t planning on attending that university. She got into the math class she wanted, and to this day, I’m curious to know if she passed the class or not, but we lost contact, and I’ve never seen her since.

There. You know my dark secret (one of them anyhow) … so feel free to blackmail me now.

Or … share your dark secret in the comments below! Have you ever taken a test for someone else? Or cheated on a test of any sort?

Happy New Year!




  1. LOL!!! Scarface... Wow. That's a pretty awesome tribute, and definitely fodder for fun. My deep dark secrets all have to do with dreams I keep locked in my closet for "one day." Well, that or the scientists locked in my Floridian basement working on multidimensional wormhole technology. One in the same, eh? ;)

    1. Nice! ;) I'd like to check out that wormhole technology!

  2. I'm ok at maths now, but when I was a teenager NOBODY would have paid me to sit a maths test for them! I like your darkest secret!

    1. Yes, I used to like math WAY BACK THEN. Now ... not so much!

  3. Love the Scarface reference and the picture google returned. Next time that move is on I'll be watching for that woman. Would it be bad if I say that was very nice of you to help out a friend? Maybe one day you will run into her and you can ask how she did in the class. Thanks for sharing your dark secret!

    1. I'd don't think I'd recognize that girl if I did run into her. We were coworkers for a short period, and we didn't stay in touch at all afterward. But it was fun.

  4. Hi, Margo,

    That sounded like a selfless thing to do. I hope she appreciated what you did on her behalf.

    Now I want to do a Google search and see what I turn up. :)

    1. You're too nice to me! It wasn't selfless, because she paid me cold hard cash! ;)

  5. I've googled myself, but there are no dark secrets. Hmm, perhaps I should start some rumors, lol.