Friday, December 27, 2013

Top 5 Holiday Secrets by Rebecca Taylor

Today's top five secrets are from Rebecca Taylor, author of Ascendant. For more information on Rebecca and her books, click here.

Favorite Holiday Drink: I actually don’t drink alcohol anymore…I gave it up over a year ago. And now you’re asking yourself, “Is she an…??” And the answer is, “No J” I just found that it got to the point where even a single glass of wine would leave me exhausted and with a terrible headache—and since I’m working, raising kids, and trying pursue a writing career, I don’t have time for things that leave me feeling awful. Sooooo, my favorite holiday drink is a non-dairy hot chocolate (seeing as how I don’t drink dairy either!) Geesh, I’m sounding a bit high maintenance. (I swear I’m not!)

Holiday Embarrassing Moment: The first Thanksgiving I spent with my husband’s (then boyfriend’s) family, I fell asleep on the couch after dinner. They were super gracious about it, even so…yes, I was embarrassed.

The Best Holiday Gift I Ever Gave: The first Christmas my husband and I spent together, I had a Christmas ornament engraved with our names, the date, and “Our First Christmas Together.” When he opened it, he turned away from me and was quiet for an awkward length of time. It took me a moment to realize he was doing one of those controlled-man-cries. I never asked him why, but after seventeen years together, I have a pretty good idea about why that simple ornament floored him that way. I will always remember that.

My Ho-Ho-Hopeless Romantic Holiday Wish List:
  1. To be able to write books as my full time career
  2. To travel to as least three different countries a year with my family
  3. To own a beach cottage (a real cottage!)
  4. To go on a fabulous tropical vacation with my ENTIRE family—even the super crazy ones—at least once before my grandparents get much older

What I love about the holidays: Christmas lights EVERYWHERE.

What I hate about the holidays: Putting up Christmas lights.



  1. I think I want to copy your wish list and call it my own. I'd love all those things. =)

  2. Agreed! Lights are the best of times and the worst of times. :)

  3. To travel to as least three different countries a year with my family <-- THIS!!!

  4. We cheat with the lights by putting up indoor window displays that have the lights fully assembled as snowflakes and rudolph. So much easier and it still looks festive.

  5. I'm with you on the christmas lights, lol!

  6. You know, I am getting that way with alcohol as well! I enjoy a drink once in a while but I think my body just does not tolerate it well anymore. :( Like you said - too much to do to be feeling terrible!

    I also agree with your number one! My goal is also to be able to write full-time! It's still a dream, but one worth chasing down for sure! :)

  7. Rebecca, I'm the same way with alcohol. I stopped drinking two or three years ago, and I've seen a huge difference in my health. Um, and I don't drink dairy milk either. Chocolate soy milk is great, but I've never had it heated. It might be worth a try though.

    The story about your first ornament to your husband is sweeter than sugar. Love it.