Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Deep Dark Secret by Kelly Hashway

It’s no secret that I love the paranormal. I enjoy scary movies because they are scary, and I write books that will hopefully creep people out. I believe in ghosts and even check every room in my house for them before I go to bed at night. I tell myself they aren’t real, but I’m not fooling anyone. Still, you probably could have guessed all this about me. What you might not be able to guess is that I’m afraid of…

Dolls. Yes, dolls. Those creepy ones with the eyes that actually open and close. I’m talking terrified. When I was little, my mother had a life-sized Pollyanna doll that was hers as a child. She loved it and gave it to me because she thought I’d love it too. I was petrified of it! Every night my mom would put Pollyanna in the chair at my little table. I made sure she didn’t face me because I never would have slept. And just about every night, I’d hear those eyes opening and closing. That slight clicking sound they made. I had nightmares about Pollyanna getting up from that table and trying to kill me in my sleep.

Maybe it’s because my older sister let me watch Child’s Play with her and a friend when I was very little and Chucky made me want to wet my pants. Or maybe it’s because all dolls look possessed to me and I’ll forever hear the sound of Pollyanna’s eyes opening and closing.

Whatever the reason, I’m petrified of dolls.


  1. Some dolls do look creepy! I'm glad no one in my house had one like Pollyanna... she sounds terrifying!

  2. I think it's because we associate it with something so sweet...when it goes bad, it's ugly! Twilight Zone got it right. The Chucky movies seemed to take it a step too far to cheesy!