Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: Whales and Witches and a Tattooed Harpoon Boy

I know what my dream means.
I will be killed. I will be murdered.
And I’ve never been wrong before.

When sixteen-year-old Avery Roe, a descendent of water witches, learns she will be murdered, she seeks help from a tattooed harpoon boy, magical in his own way, to become a powerful witch and prevent her own death—but she doesn’t realize what she’ll have to sacrifice in return.

Whales and witches and a tattooed harpoon boy—that’s the world of SALT & STORM, my debut novel out this September from Little, Brown!

What else is SALT & STORM about? Family secrets and romance, responsibility and selfishness, transformation and figuring out who you are as a person.

Right now, SALT & STORM is off in the capable hands of my editor as we make final tweaks and polishes to the story. There are some ARCs beginning to float around, too, giving bloggers, reviewers, booksellers, and librarians an early glimpse at the story.* And I’m still hard at work thinking about the Roes and their story, writing a follow-up companion novel (plot and details still to be announced: shhh!).

I can’t wait to share SALT & STORM with the world and let readers experience Avery’s journey, from the moment she wakes up covered in sweat from a nightmare that announces her own murder to the moment she finally faces the reality that dream showed her…

*Do you fit into one of those fabulous categories? Want an ARC all of your very own? Contact publicity@lbyr.com for details!

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  1. Whales and witches and a tattooed harpoon boy... I'm intrigued! I'm looking forward to learning more about your book!